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For the better part of the past seven decades, the 1st Cavalry Division and 3rd Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army have made Fort Hood their home. Boasting of a long and storied history of shaping the best men and women for military service, this 158,706-acre installation not only prepares the best-armed forces on the planet, but it also offers fun and leisure activities that will encourage the most adventurous to come and pay a visit.

Located in Killeen, Texas, halfway between Austin and Waco, visitors are welcome to tour the grounds and the many establishments around the base that will make your trip a pleasant and unforgettable experience. Although Fort Hood is all about pageantry and military tradition, there is no reason why we shouldn’t explore this corner of our great nation.

Let’s Explore Our Nation

Regarded as one of the world’s largest military bases, Fort Hood is a bustling destination with a little bit of something for everyone. Apart from its illustrious military history, guests can enjoy golfing on fantastic courses, go horseback riding through the craziest trails, and load up on state-of-the-art military gear and tactical equipment that only the world’s best army possesses.

With your zest whet and your walking shoes ready, here’s a list of the things to do at Fort Hood for a whiff of some Central Texas charm:

Lake Activities At BLORA

Whether you’re sunbathing, swimming, or fishing, the Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area offers leisure travel services year-round. Also known as a sportsman center, BLORA, as it is popularly known, will pump you up as it presents recreational activities such as water slides and boat ramps that may awaken the Navy man in you.

Bask on the endless dose of sea, sand, and the sun with the safest and most reliable outdoor recreation rentals, allowing you to paddle boat and jet-ski to your heart’s delight. Laze about on the beach, enjoy a game of volleyball, and gas up in the various pavilions and picnic areas to have the energy to do it all over again.


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